“IHT- Zerde” branch of the “Institute of High Technologies”

“IHT- Zerde” branch of the “Institute of High Technologies” in Taukent (Southern Kazakhstan) was established on June 2, 2013.

Major activities:

  • Services to ensure regulatory documentationin the field of standardization for the mining - metallurgical and nuclear industries;
  • Analysis of various types of raw materials and by-products, ores, concentrates, metals, solutions, ion exchangers, drinking water, wastewater and other materials;
  • Quality control of commercial products in accordance with the requirements and testing, and product certification services;
  • Metrological support in accordance with the legislation of Kazakhstan, including calibration, calibration, repair, status control and application;
  • Conducting research and development work, pilot tests for the nuclear industry, mining and metallurgical complex;
  • Development of new and improvement of existing technological schemes of uranium mining using in-situ leaching;
  • Development of technologies for complex uranium processing using in-situ leachingwith simultaneous extraction of rare, rare earth and other elements;
  • Development of measures to improve radioecological situation, development and introduction of modern methods of radiation safety control, individual and collective means of control and protection.

“IHT- Zerde” branch includes:

  • Three testing laboratories:

            - Central research laboratory in Taukent

            - Northern research laboratory in Kyzymshek

            - Western research laboratory in Shieli

  • Four technical control departments:

            - Central technical control department in Taukent

            - Northern technical control department in Kyzymshek

            - Western technical control department in Shieli

            - Technical control department at “Ortalyk” enterprise

- Department of Metrology and Standardization in Shieli

- Laboratory for Material Research and Analysis

Testing laboratories carry out physical and chemical tests (measurement) of product and technological solutions, intermediary and final products obtained during uranium mining by in-situ leaching and processing of uranium-containing solutions in the refinery production and inspection (chemical acids and reagents, ion-exchange resins used in the nuclear industry Kazakhstan).

Technical control departments carry out inspection of incoming material in the form of commodity desorbate, quality control of natural Uranium Concentrates and uranium oxide, and draw up documents certifying the quality of the finished product.

Department of Metrology and Standardization organizes and conducts calibration, repair and metrological certification at third-party organizations and calibration laboratories of the branch. The Department also conducts metrological support of production and provides the enterprises with operating regulatory documents on standardization, metrology, and information about newly developed standards in Kazakhstan.

Laboratory for Material Research and Analysis of works in the following areas:

  • Analytical support of research in the field of geological exploration, uranium mining and processing, rare and rare earth metals;
  • Analytical support for improvement of in-situ leaching technology;
  • Development of analytical techniques to measure and control qualitative and quantitative composition of samples of natural and man-made deposits of rare and rare earth metals, uranium deposits;
  • research, control and monitoring;
  • Non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics of equipment.