Drawing on the world expertise and knowledge in the development of the nuclear industry and related industries, as well as the resources of uranium mining enterprises “Institute of High Technolgies” LLP (“IHT”) represents the basis for the infrastructure of innovative development of the nuclear industry and performs the following activities:

- formulates and organizes R&D to develop new technologies and technical solutions that exceed existing ones by economic indicators and production culture;

- organizes development projects  based on the research results in order to test prototypes of new equipment and to distribute them;

- organizes design and engineering work using its own achievements in the field of R&D,  development projects, and world-class achievements;

- renders scientific - technical, analytical, engineering, and consulting services for development of normative and technical documentation, providing scientific and technical information, intellectual property protection, improvement of  training for qualified personnel.

JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom” has identified the Partnership as the Operator of the priority direction of its scientific and technological activity “Production and processing of product solutions, obtaining uranium oxide concentrate, and extraction of rare earth metals” (Order No. 121 of June 13, 2016).