Rysbek Segyzbaev  has been appointed the Ombudsman for the “Institute of High Technologies” LLP by the Decree of the Supervisory Board of the “Institute of High Technologies” (Minutes No.5-20 of the Supervisory Board meeting on 25.06.2020).

The Ombudsman submits for consideration of the relevant authorities and officials of the “Institute of High Technologies” the issues disclosed by him/her that require appropriate solutions (integrated measures) and puts forward constructive suggestions for solving them.

Interested parties may anonymously inform the Ombudsman about illegal and unethical actions of the officials and employees of the “Institute of High Technologies”, and their rights should not be infringed in such cases.

Ombudsman annually prepares a report on the appeals related to corporate ethics, which is sent in the prescribed manner to the Supervisory Board, not later than the first day of the fourth month following the reporting year.

To submit applications (reports, complaints) the following communication channels are provided:

  • postal address - send information by mail to the address: 168 Bogenbay Batyr street,  Almaty 050012, addressed to the Ombudsman of the “Institute of High Technologies” R.Segyzbaev., marked  “CONFIDENTIAL”.
  • e-mail - send information in the form of e-mails to the address:
  • Hotline: +7 (727)343 61 45 (extension 20482)

Only the Ombudsman of the “Institute of High Technologies” LLP has access to the above communication channels.