Scientific Council

In accordance with the decree of “Institute of High Technologies” LLP No. 90 dated June 28, 2019, the following composition of the Scientific Council of the “Institute of High Technologies” LLP was determined:

Chairman of the Scientific Council - Batiyev R. A., General Director, DBA

Members of the Scientific Council:

1) Deputy Chairman-Deputy General Director for R&D, Kopbaeva M. P., Candidate of Chemical Sciences;

2) Scientific Secretary-Scientific Secretary Karataev E. M., Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences;

3) Deputy General Director for Business Support- Dyusambayev S. A., Candidate of Chemical Sciences;

4) Managing Director Capim – Permenev Y. G., Candidate of Chemical Sciences;

5) Deputy Director-Vice-Rector for Specialized Training of the “Kazakh Nuclear University” branch- Eskulov S. S., Candidate of Technical Sciences;

6) Head of the Environmental Research Laboratory -Panova E. N., Candidate of Chemical Sciences;

7) Head of the Intellectual Property Laboratory– Imansaeva A. M., Candidate of Technical Sciences;

8) Senior researcher of the In-situ Leaching Laboratory -Mataev M. M., Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor;

9) Senior researcher of Laboratory of Modeling and Design of Geo-technological Field - Musaev R. A., Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences;

10) Senior researcher of Laboratory for Technology of Uranium and Associated Elements -Bulenova K. Zh., Candidate of Chemical Sciences;

11) Research Associate of Environmental Research Laboratory  -Beremzhanov R. B., Candidate of Chemical Sciences.