Scientific Council

In accordance with the decree of “Institute of High Technologies” LLP No. 90 dated June 28, 2019, the following composition of the Scientific Council of the “Institute of High Technologies” LLP was determined:

Chairman of the Scientific Council - Batiyev R. A., General Director, DBA

Members of the Scientific Council:

1) Deputy Chairman-Deputy General Director for R&D, Kopbaeva M. P., Candidate of Chemical Sciences;

Scientific Center

Scientific and technical activities of “IHT” LLP in 2018-2028 will be carried out within the framework of the Scientific Center on the priority direction of scientific and technological activities of NAC “Kazatomprom” JSC “Extraction, processing of product solutions, obtaining UO, associated recovery of rare earth metals” (hereinafter-the Scientific Center/Priority Direction). The operator of the Priority direction of “NAC “Kazatomprom” JSC was determined by “IHT” LLP (Order of “NAC “Kazatomprom” JSC No. 121 of 13.06.2016).

The Scientific Center LLP “IHT” includes:


“Institute of High Technologies” LLP
168 Bogenbay batyr str., Almaty 050012
Tel: +7 /727/ 3436145
“IHT - Zerde” branch


In accordance with the expectations of the sole participant of “IHT” LLP, the Development Program for 2018-2028 approved by the decree No. 9 of December 10, 2018,  the Supervisory Board of “IHT” LLP defined the following strategic goals:

Strategic goal 1: to Increase the contribution of scientific and design developments to the production efficiency of “NAC “Kazatomprom” JSC enterprises.

Strategic goal 2: to commercialize the advanced innovations that are being created.


“Institute of High Technologies” LLP successfully works to achieve strategic goals identified in its Development Program for 2018-2028 to ensure innovative development of the industry and support high-tech production cycles of the uranium industry in Kazakhstan at a sufficiently high scientific and technological level with the following indicators:


To provide significant contribution of scientific innovations to ensure decrease of the production cost and increase of the production efficiency of JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom”.


Drawing on the world expertise and knowledge in the development of the nuclear industry and related industries, as well as the resources of uranium mining enterprises “Institute of High Technolgies” LLP (“IHT”) represents the basis for the infrastructure of innovative development of the nuclear industry and performs the following activities:

- formulates and organizes R&D to develop new technologies and technical solutions that exceed existing ones by economic indicators and production culture;