Kazakhstan Nuclear University

Kazakhstan Nuclear University (hereinafter – KNU) was founded in September 2004 as a limited liability partnership. In April 2016, KNU became a branch of the Institute of High Technologies LLP. KNU provides educational services, primarily, for training and retraining of personnel employed at uranium mining companies. KNU also organizes and conducts compulsory training courses related to the licensed activities (radiation protection and safety, industrial safety, health and safety, etc.).


  • To meet the needs of the enterprises of JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom” in qualified specialists trained taking into account the specifics of the nuclear industry;
  • To ensure continuous and systematically organized process of professional training that is carried out in accordance with the educational standards, requirements, and Kazatomprom’s strategic objectives.

Major directions of activities:

  • Training and retraining courses for the production staff, engineers, technicians, and management personnel, including special training for personnel responsible for ensuring nuclear and radiation safety;
  • Assessment of training level of personnel of JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom”enterprises;
  • Preparation of students for further career at JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom” enterprises;
  • Coordination of educational and methodological work of educational institutions involved in training of specialists for the nuclear industry;
  • Collaboration with educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, CIS and non-CIS countries.

Facilities include:

  • Conference hall for 35 people;
  • Laboratories “Physical and chemical processes in uranium technology” and “Radiation safety” for the concurrent sessions for 15-20 students in each lab;
  • Specialized classrooms “Radiation protection and safety”, “Security and safety” and “Industrial safety";
  • Computer lab for 10-12 students;
  • An electronic library containing over 1,600 items on nuclear industry.