Welcome to the “Career” page of the Institute for High Technologies!

Recruitment procedures

Search for potential hires starts 15 days before selection process with an application stating the need for a new staff from a department to the Human Resources Department.

Search for new hires is conducted using one the following resources:

  • Internal search
  • Advertisements in print media
  • Advertisements on specialized web-sites
  • Advertisements on corporate website of the Institute and the corporate newspaper of JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom” “Atom”
  • Employment agencies
  • Data bank of the Institute.

Gathering resumes

Persons willing to take part in the selection process, including the Institute employees, submit their resumes to the following email address: hratiht.kz


Human Resources staff invites the short –listed candidates to take a test of the professional skills and knowledge.


Human Resources staff and a head of the relevant department of the Institute interview short – listed candidates.

Reviewing and selecting

After the final interviews the selection committee evaluates the candidates and finalizes the recruitment process. The decision of the selection committee is made through the open vote, by a simple majority. In case the candidates are not selected, the additional recruitment process is announced.

Finalizing the offer

Once the potential hire is identified, a job offer is made by the Institute and an agreement is concluded.